Alexa Federico of Girl In Healing


Katie Olivera of GainzAndGlitter


Erin Hill of erinfitmke


A Crohn's disease diagnosis has never slowed Alexa down. She has used her story of living with an autoimmune disease to inspire and motivate her followers to use food as medicine. You can follow along with Alexa and her many delicious recipes on her blog at and across all social media platforms at @girlinhealing.


An amazing health journey has made Katie a positive inspiration to all of those she reaches. Read her story to learn how she has navigated the world of nutrition and fitness. You can follow along with Katie's journey over on Instagram.


Erin's positivity in all areas of her life keep me optimistic and motivated. She never lets setbacks keep her from achieving her goals and her insight on always moving forward is a true inspiration to all who know her! You can follow along with Erin's journey over on Instagram!