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Berries & Cream Fat Bombs

Berries & Cream Fat Bombs


Berries & Cream Fat Bombs

Berry, creamy, full-fat delicious fat bombs are about to be your new post-dinner dessert! This recipe has become a household favorite of ours because: 1) we almost always have all of the ingredients on hand, and 2) ummm they taste AMAZING. Easy as that!

If you are someone who follows a keto or low-carb diet, you also will likely have everything you need for these fat bombs stored right now in your freezer and refrigerator. So, in saying that, what are you waiting for?! Go on and make some of these tasty low-carb goodies!

Fat Bombs are a Perfect Keto/Low-Carb Treat

Fat Bombs are a sweet treat that utilize high-fat and low-carb ingredients such as coconut oil, butter, cream cheese, low-glycemic sweeteners, etc. 

If you've been following my blog or Instagram for any amount of time, you know that fat bombs are a staple in our household (see below for a list of all of my Fat Bomb recipes!). We always have some stored in our freezer!

I enjoy a fat bomb (or two) either after eating dinner if I'm craving something sweet, which is usually the only meal of the day that I sit down and eat, or before an intense workout. As someone who follows a low-carb diet, my body uses dietary fat and stored fat for energy, so a fat bomb gives me a huge boost to power through a spin class or some HIIT at the gym.

Why I Incorporate Fat Bombs Into My Low-Carb Diet

Fat bombs are, you guessed it, HIGH IN FAT! If you're new to this WOE (how the cool kids write "way of eating" on the social media boards, or so I've heard), don't let the calorie or fat content scare you!

For the majority of our lives, we've been conditioned to eat low-fat and fat-free foods. Low-fat dairy products, fat-free snacks, low-fat sadness.... It's been boring, unsatisfying, and, truthfully, confusing (looking back, I wonder why we never questioned fat-free butter?! Ugh. Yuck.)

What happens when fat is removed from food? Gotta put something in there to make it palatable! ANSWER: Carbs. Sugar. Processed junky fillers.

When you add healthy dietary fat back into your diet, reduce your carbohydrate intake, you can finally feel the freedom from hanger (hunger + anger) that you likely experience 20 seconds after finishing your most recent meal.

(Some low-carbers out there don't agree with enjoying desserts often, but that just ain't gonna happen for this gal. This lifestyle is about living a type of food freedom that absolutely incorporates sweets. #SORRYNOTSORRY.)

Following a low-carb (mostly ketogenic) diet has allowed me the opportunity to see food in an entirely new light. My life has exponentially improved (not exaggerating). I am very grateful to have found this diet lifestyle and to no longer exhibit symptoms of sugar-induced devil human. (Ryan is even more grateful, as you can imagine.)

Net Carbs

One Berries & Cream Fat Bombs contains 1.4g net carbs!

Diets This Recipe Is Compliant With

This recipe is low-carb, keto, gluten-free, grain-free, vegetarian, and refined-sugar-free.

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Prep time: 5 mins
Total time: 4 hours, 5 mins
Yields: 24 fat bombs


2 cups frozen mixed berries
6 tbsp butter, softened
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
2 tbsp golden monk fruit sweetener (use code "REALBALANCED" for 20% off Lakanto products)
1 tsp vanilla extract


Ninja Professional Blender
Silicone mold


  1. In a microwave-safe bowl, microwave frozen berries until just thawed, about 1 minute, depending on wattage strength of microwave.
  2. Combine all ingredients in food processor and blend until well-combined.
  3. Spoon mixture into silicone mold and freeze for 4 hours, preferably overnight.
  4. Remove from freezer, pop fat bombs out of molds, and enjoy!

Store in airtight container in freezer.

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